Eight Benefits of a Spray-on Bed liner for Your Truck

Whether you use your vehicle to haul material for commercial use, or you help friends and family move furniture when they ask, your truck bed is put to the test every time you load it up.

Frequently using your truck bed is practical, but it can also be damaging. Fortunately, there’s also a reasonable way to protect your truck bed from damage.

Instead of increasing the wear and tear on your bed, consider installing a spray-on bedliner. A high-quality bedliner could save you from all kinds of future headaches and repair costs.

Spray-on bedliners are beneficial for many reasons. Continue reading to learn about the top eight.


Especially if you live in an area where the summer temperature climbs, you’re probably aware of the damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat can bring to any vehicle.

After long periods, UV rays mostly make your car or truck look worn out. Not only can the rays crack your vehicle’s paint job, but they can also make the color of paint fade. Both side effects cause your truck to look older and more run down.

Protect your truck from UV rays with a high-quality spray-on bed liner. Test results have proven that spray on bed liners have the strength to fend off around 80% of UV rays.


Many things go into maintaining the value of your vehicle for when you want to sell it later on.

Having any amount of damage can cause your vehicle to lose financial value over time. Be smart about protecting the selling value of your truck with a spray on bed liner.

Reducing the risk factor of further wear and tear after using the truck bed will save your vehicle’s value for a more extended amount of time. Even if you only plan to keep the car for a few years, having a bed liner could ensure you don’t lose too much of its worth by merely using your truck bed for its purpose of hauling!


Underneath the paint job on your vehicle, there’s the metal frame. The paint is there to protect the metal from air and water, both of which can cause the metal to rust.

Oxidation is a natural process that happens when metal is exposed to air for an extended amount of time. It then starts to corrode, which can both reduce the car’s value and eventually cause internal vehicle damage.

Moving large equipment or furniture around means, you’re regularly putting stress on the paint job of your truck bed. As soon as there is damage to that paint job, the metal underneath is exposed to the elements.

It would help if you avoided car rust in as many ways as possible. This can be done with a high-quality spray on bed liner.


Hauling large items like appliances or furniture can sometimes damage your truck bed itself. Whenever you’re moving those large items, you want to keep them preserved as well.

Bedliners are a great way to prevent constant shifting throughout transport. This is because the best ones are non-slip, reducing the likelihood of damaging goods, even when you take those sharp turns along the route.

The fact that they’re non-slip also further protects your truck bed. This quality is one of the top reasons a bed liner could benefit your vehicle.


Whether or not we like to admit it, looks matter! Fortunately, the sleek aesthetic of a spray on bed liner seems pretty cool.

Not only is the material itself a smooth finish, but it also looks sophisticated. Make sure it’s clear that you know exactly what you’re doing when you haul large items in your truck bed.

Avoid exposing those ugly scars that come from damaged beds. Paint could be chipped, and larger dents could create a more forlorn appearance in the bed of your truck.

Getting a bedliner ensures that the ragged appearance of a torn truck bed is covered up with a high-quality, shielding material. Show off how seriously you take using and maintaining your truck.


Possibly one of the most significant benefits of getting a bed liner for your truck is its long-term convenience. Not having to deal with chipped paints and twisted metal typically could save you a lot of future headaches.

After fitting and installing the bedliner in your truck bed, you don’t have to agonize about it much after that. Bedliners severely decrease the amount of repair and maintenance your truck will need overall.

Also, you won’t have to spend so much time repairing the equipment and furniture you’re moving around. Both are less likely to slip, which also contributes to the low subsistence quality of bedliners.


Another benefit of getting a spray on bed liner is that it will fit your truck bed perfectly. The convenience of spraying the material straight on to your bed is that there is no room for space between it and your truck.

You’ll still be able to use pretty much the entire original size of your truck bed. Depending on the material, you only might have to worry about the bedliner adding what is usually less than an inch to your bed. The thickest areas of the bedliner will be on the floor of the truck bed so that it can prevent more damage from heavy items.


The last benefit of getting a spray on bed liner is that unlike drop-in liners, a Spray-in coating can be repaired should it become dagand Linex.

You deserve to have your truck protected from the elements and from hauling large items. Instead of worrying about potential damage to your vehicle, we encourage you to consider custom bed liner services from a company such as ArmorThane.